Fatz Cafe Easley

Fatz Cafe Easley

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Whether you’re a longtime regular or a traveler wandering through town, our goal is to make you feel right at home.  So welcome to Fatz!  You know, we opened our doors back in 1988 with a signature dish, Calabash Chicken.  And our first restaurant wasn’t fancy.  I mean, it was a converted peach stand, for goodness sake.  But who needs fancy when the food is famous?  And so it began with World Famous Calabash Chicken served with, dare we say it, world famous friendliness.  Now, 31 years later, we’re still serving up both. You could say we’ve upped the ante on food with amazing Southern-inspired, Chef-designed steaks, seafood, ribs and more.  But you’ll have to judge for yourself.  So come on by and we’ll set you a place at Our Table.


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Monday 11:00 am10:00 pm

Tuesday 11:00 am10:00 pm

Wednesday 11:00 am10:00 pm

Thursday 11:00 am10:00 pm

Friday 11:00 am11:00 pm

Saturday 11:00 am11:00 pm

Sunday 11:00 am10:00 pm


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5051 Calhoun Memorial Hwy Easley, SC

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