Oak Grove Fish House

Oak Grove Fish House

Fish Camps have been around since the early 1800’s, starting out as small tents on the sides of rivers where fishermen salted and cooked freshly caught fish. These tents then turned into buildings, where fishermen could bring their catch to be fried or cooked for a small fee.

In the early 1900’s, these fish camps became a staple for hungry mill workers after a long day of hard work. They served traditional, home-cooked seafood to the workers and their families. This tradition has remained, despite the mills being long gone, and fish camps are where you will find some of the best tasting seafood in the south.

OAK GROVE FISH HOUSE is committed to bringing back a Taste of the Past — with a nostalgic feel. Our signature will be Salt and Pepper Baby Catfish. Other favorites of the south include flounder, lightly breaded shrimp and oysters along with hushpuppies and of course — our award-winning Shrimp and Grits……

Ryan Dukes, Founder, knows seafood and promises you an experience that will bring back memories of days past.

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