Restaurant Application Form


Restaurants may voluntarily choose to participate in the Palmetto Priority program by committing to key clean and safety guidelines of operational assurances as outlined in the restaurant reopening guidelines, participate in required free online education and participate in a DHEC limited scope food safety inspection.

There are two steps to particpate:

  1. Complete the application
  2. Create your online restaurant listing

Step One – To participate in the program please complete the application below and click “submit application” then move on to step two.



MAILING ADDRESS (if different from above)


Restaurants must agree to the following commitments to protect their employees and customers to demonstrate leadership in safe sanitation practices with all employees on every shift.




  • Complete either a DHEC Virtual Food Safety Check or, after July, a Limited Scope Food Safety Inspection (contact DHEC for more info)
  • All managers have complete the ServSafe Reopening Guidance: COVID-19 Precautions training course and have received a certificate of completion
    • The ServSafe Take-Out and Delivery training are optional but highly encouraged are it applies to your operation.


  • Post required signage advising customers not to enter if symptomatic
  • Post appropriate signage to promote social distancing and walking traffic patterns
  • Will select one person per shift to be in charge of safety and sanitation during the shift, observing and ensuring that hand washing is done appropriately, and sanitation of dining room areas, restrooms, lobbies, and door areas is done regularly and consistently (minimum of hourly). 
  • Post signs reminding of hand hygiene and proper hand-washing posted for customers and staff
  • Will execute the restaurants plan to clean and disinfect common areas and surfaces regularly using chemicals appropriate for COVID-19 disinfection
  • Perform health safety checks for all employees before each shift
  • Require all non-vaccinated employees to wear a face-covering (i.e., cloth or paper face coverings, face masks, full face shields.)
  • Encourage vaccinated employees to wear face-coverings while working and interacting with guests.
  • Make available hand sanitizing stations for all customers and employees, including upon entry
  • Tables are cleaned and disinfected in between seating


Once you have submitted your application, please create your restaurant listing. A listing may be customized with your logo, images, menu link, hours of operation, etc.

You will need the following information to complete the restaurant listing:

• Restaurant Name
• Address
• Contact email address
• Brief description of the restaurant

• Logo (square format works best)
• Images of food and/or location
• Link to a video
• Website address
• Twitter handle
• Digital menus to upload

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